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Thursday, April 26, 2007

i survived!


OBS was a complete bitch.

But i had SO MUCH fun doing it anyway!

List of things completed:

1. Completed the whaling trip (rowing and sailing a 12-men boat) all around pangkor island and made it back in record time! Lesson learnt: We should always stick together, and listen to each other. We canNOT direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails.

2. Built a raft for 12 men and rowed 1km down to basecamp (even though half of it was broken, we stuck till the end and either: a) pushed the raft by swimming b) remaining ppl rowed as hard as they can) Lesson learnt: People should NOT move around a dodgy raft while rowing. zzz. stupid.

3. Got burnt like a lobster. Lesson learnt: i can NOT stay in the sun too long.

4. Got the worst allergy attack in my life. My lips triple-sized itself and rashes all over my hands, and face. urgh. Lesson learnt: do NOT put sunblock on face no matter how hot it is. Use a HUGE ass hat instead.

5. Slept 7 hours on the hard-as-rock forest floor. Lesson learnt: Just tahan-lah! :D

6. Gained 11 new great friends. Lesson learnt: You can never have enough friends... ;)

Haha. Pics laterz!

i'm home baby.


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