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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

you don't have to ask me..
you don't have to look at my blog constantly to know..
you don't have to ponder about it..

i hate you.

following david eu's famous words on blue server:

go fuck yourself, you motherless mongrel.



My boy says i'm too ganas when i'm playing dota.

Scene 1:
(defending our middle lane, one motherless fucktard is off farming at the top lane, leaving just 4 of us here to defend)
me: Eh! xxx for God's sake get your ass back to the base wei!
others: (silence)
(the opposing team pushes and my teammates, leaving me to die there, either not ulti-ing or not stun-ning, or just running away)
me: WOI! what the fuck? HARLOW?! did you boys see me there? HARLOW?! what the fuck. know already i'm a spellcaster, niama protect me la tiu. you took the strength hero for FUCKS ah.
others: (starts stressing)

Scene 2:
(me farming together with boy in one lane)
me: farm farm farm
him: farm farm farm
(suddenly some fuckwit belakang mari came and stun me)
me: Argh! (tries to hit if can, stun if can, run if can. but i died. zzz.) OH MY GOD LAH! Babe! Fuck, ULTI la!! You use moonfang for fucks mehhhhhhhhhh.......... zzz
him: what? i didn't see la / i press already la, channeling / eh chill out la
me: i just died. chill fuck ah

oklah, maybe i'm a bit too ganas la.

or maybe i'm just a tad too righteous in dota. lol.

i really should quit.. :D


Work starts in 12 days!


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