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Friday, November 18, 2005

Please get a life, lar.. can?

Dear xxx,

Sigh. I doubt you have ever read my blog more than once. But, anyway, i don't really care about that la. Just wanted to *SCREAM, KICK, PUNCH, SLAP, SHOUT VULGARITIES* talk, about some things that has been bothering me...

Well, dear xxx... how do i begin? Hmm.. wait... lemme string the words together in my mind: (pauses)

F***ING get a life, b***h!

*spews with anger* Ok, calmly, i shall point out again that...

Just because your boyfie doesn't wanna layan you, don't come and try to get attention from someone else! *curses vehemently under my breath*

Another thing that i want to mention is...

What's wrong with TAX? Huh!? HUH?!?!?!! i know that your nerdie boyfie is in *****, and would rather DIE than go into tax.. Oh, yes *nods head* i'm sure it's hell more interesting than what i do. Well, if it really IS that interesting.. why does he:

- not spend time with you?

- rather spend time with his colleagues, other girlfriends, and the boys rather than see you? (YOU THINK?!?!?)
- Lie to you?

At least, in what I do, i can go back at 6pm everyday, and spend the time i want with my family and loved ones and friends. At least i get to go out, meet clients, drive around, and meet more ppl than ur boyfie.

*vents steam through nostrils*

OK overreacting here. Sigh. i'm sorry i'm so angry, dear xxx. But you're clearly not acting like a rational, matured adult. Why do you judge before you see/experience? Why do you claim and lie exaggeratingly that you have/own/love the best? Why do you act like the princess, making everyone wait for you for hours? Why are you so damn tactless? Didn't your rich family teach you (and that horrid bestie of yours) proper social etiquette? Is it because you've studied in a private school and went overseas to study?

i'm sorry laa... poor ppl like me where got money to study overseas.

But the ONE thing that pisses me off continually, without a doubt... is:

What's it to YOU if my bf wants to spend time with his family or mine? So what? i'm sorry that he would rather spend his weekend with people he loves rather than ppl he can't stand.

The whole point of this entry *phew* is, to tell you, Dear Miss XXX, to stop butting into other ppl's lives just because you don't have one and need to compensate. i've said enough.

i think i need to breathe.

(deep, slow breaths)

ok, just back out, ok lady? Get your own life, and stop interfering with how other people live theirs.