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Sunday, May 06, 2007

OBS pics!

My 5 days of torture, turned to 5 days of fun! :D

Sail!! =)

Beautiful, eh?

Somewhere, beyond the sea......

Wah! Wat's that?!

hsbc batch 7 rocks on..
it's Monday tmr!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Cinta di Ujung Jalan

Setiap tetes air mataku
Telah kuberikan untuk kisahku
Mengerti tapi tak dimengerti
Cintaku tlah diujung jalan

Setiap kata dari bibirku
Kadang tak sama dalam hatiku
Tersenyum dalam hati menangis
Cintaku tlah diujung jalan

Aku sangat mengenalmu
Aku juga cintaimu..
Tapi kau tak pernah ada pengertian
Ku senang, ku sedih
Kau tak mau tahu

Aku sangat mengenalmu
Dulu kau tak begitu
Kau bintang di hatiku
Jadilah yang kumau
Ku senang,ku sedih
Kau ada denganku

Ku mengerti kau apa adanya
Begitupun yang kumau darimu
Kau tahu rasanya diabaikan
Cintaku telah diujung jalan

Agnes Monica


Translation by Luc:

Every drop of tear
I gave to this fairytale
I understand this, but do you?
My love is at the end of the road

Every word from my lips
Sometimes doesn't say what my heart screams
I smile, but in my heart I cry
My love is at the end of the road

I knew you so well
I loved you too much.
But you never understood
If I'm free, If I'm upset
You never wanted to know.

I knew you so well
But I don't know you anymore
You were the star in my life
Now be what you want to be.

I'm free, but I'm upset
Cause you're still here with me

So what if I knew you well?
It doesn't matter what I want from you
I just want you know how it feels to be abandoned

My love is at the end of the road..