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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

grumpy frumpy lady.

i'm grumpy because:

i was hospitalized for two nights, because of some weird intestinal infection. Close to my appendics (is that how you spell it?), causing my stomach to overproduce acid, giving my tummy the worst gastric in my life. couldnt bleeding walk.

i was anally-probed. not funny.

doc didnt allow me to have:
a) hawker food
b) coffee
c) mamak food
d) oily food
e) spicy n sour food
f) anything that will fuck up my appetite...
For six (6) whole weeks. SIX. oh my god. No coffee? No fried food? No more spicy stuff?
KiLL me NoW!

This rendered me a little grumpy for the past 3 weeks. 4 more weeks to go. All sorts of withdrawal symptoms. sigh. Kheong is not a happy boy. Indeed.

I'm frumpy because:

i havent been exercising for... erm......... 7 months? =)

Ah well, since i just got a slight increment before my confirmation in Oct (RM500 increment! Sweet), i can go to Fitness First soon.

Leanne Khor, i'm not scary.

i repeat, i am not scary.
Yes, i admit i can be scary at dota, because i'm surrounded by noobs.
and yes, i admit that i can be scary at times when i start scolding ppl.
but i do it in the spirit of defending my dearest friends, a.k.a. you.
and, and.... when i defend my throne (dota). or.... my car.. or.. my family.. or my job (?)
so, i digress. i'm not scary. hhhmmmpppph!

because i'm not.
*stamps foot*

i'm nice and loving and caring and sweet and kind and generous and.. and...

fine, i'm scary

fck off. haha.

ps: Happy Belated birthday baby. Happy Belated birthday me! =)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogging in office!

First time in 9 weeks! Sweeeeet..

oklah, i'm not using my computer, i'm not even allowed a laptop yet, and no internet connection.
Yeah, it kinda sucks here.. =P

Havent found the time to blog even on weekends. Can't seem to concentrate, sit down, login, and start typing something; just grabbing a topic out of thin air.

it's been dry, mates, it's been dry.
akin to sahara.

No, not myself, my inspiration.

(WOI! i'm busy! Don't disturb!... no peace in office.. sigh)

Besides the awful day i've had yesterday, this day seems to be unravelling nicely.

1. It's been superb at hsbc. people here (oklah, i do come across an occassional certified asshole) are so much fun, nice, understanding and willing to pass on certain information so i can grow and learn.
2. No laptop and internet connection is rendering me partially paralysed in office. Good God.
3. Only source of fun: Friday drinks at 18th floor (which i've been missing, sadly, as i'm now based in Puchong Mortgage).
4. Newfound friends who stick by thick and thin: Kim, Dee, Lee Vin.
5. Haven't seen matty, edwin, lea (where the f*** are you, woman?! Why no updates, why nothing?!) at all (No, i cannot count a 10 min break at klcc as meeting, matt) It's not that i've been too busy to save my life, or any lives, come to that.. My priorities have just been reorganized.
6. i hardly drink nowadays, hardly go out clubbing (What's clubbing?) since Velvet three months ago. No wait, that was my first in.... oh God. Now i'm depressed..
7. Found out i have acid reflux. Ew. No more coffee (SIGH), no more chocolates (Oh TuhanKu), no more fried food (Goodbye my beautiful fried chicken). Nasihat doktor: Makan Sikit tapi kerap. zzz. easy for you to say, doc.
8. i hate puchong. period.
9. i hate subang. More for the people (i have my reasons), but mostly for the effable character of dota players there. Either too noobish, too cocky, and too disgusting (leaving trails of drinks or food on the computer table? Ew. Didn't all your mommies teach you manners, boys?!)
10. Three Godlike's since..... i started. Still an accomplishment. Yes i'm a nerd, shut up.
11. Wish i lost more weight. Sigh. Seem to be getting fatter since i got acid reflux. tiu. and that only took one week. niama
12. i'm going to camerons this coming weekend (kheong and my birthday). Also going to singapore the weekend after that with dee, kim, and vin. Shopping anyone?
13. i'm too poorly paid for comfort. Bloody RM1700 isnt enough to just pay for my food. omg. have to sacrifice for this prog, but heck, it's worth it. After all, i'll be earning RM4200 in 4 months.
14. i love my job. i hate the dept.
15. i cannot use a laptop without a mouse to save a life. Bloody handicapped.

That's all for now.

When i find enough updates to fill 10 slots, i'll write again. hehe. just too fucking lazy.