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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The year that was 2006

love, hate, tears, jumping for joy, new career paths, dota, pool, books, heart-felt moments, newfound bestie and support mate, blog, forever and never, weddings, plans, broken friendships, ego, laughter, joy, sadness, alcohol, more dota and pool, quitting ciggies and leading a healthy life.

these keywords draws the basic outline of my year.

Two heartbreaks.

One cute dog (whom i've since lost, doggie must've left Riana Green basement car park. Even food can't lure it out).

Egoistic men brought my life to a standstill.

Ached over a friend that ended up only wanted to use me for his own gain.

In turn, found a new bestie in form of Matt, a.k.a support mate. And yes, of course, who can forget Boon, my new bff (coughs).

Fell in love all over again, again. With you.

Suffered for 3 days under the Fruit Fast programme, just to detox.. and ended up quitting cigarettes. Alcohol has been consumed in minimal amounts (1 mug of beer a week).

Felt more accepted by Kheong's family, since his sister's wedding two weeks ago.

Found a workplace where i finally belong. An industry which i can see myself being in for the next 3-4 years; at least until i retire from employment, and start employing myself :D

Got my own pool cue. A gorgeous white beauty.

Addicted to dota.

What i've learnt in 2006:
1. To give my all in everything i do.
2. Not to give up and give in.
3. Stay strong, as a woman.
4. That friends come and go, but true friends stay a lifetime.
5. No matter what, my family comes first.
6. i cannot be so choosy when it comes to work anymore. if it's not working out, start fixing it.
7. The best boss is someone who understands that people make mistakes, guides them, supports them, listens to them, stays sober during working hours, and gives a pat on their back when they deserve it.
8. He's still my love.
9. To drive in kl (it's not easy, okay)
10. How to give up a friendship when it's over, and how to walk away with my dignity intact.

Another year gone, a new one approaches.

Will this coming year be better than the last? Will this bring more sadness or happiness?

Will i be brave enough to weather it through?

10 more days.
Nothing more than a heartbeat.

Then it'll be a brand-spanking new year.

A new journey, for you and me!

Here's to a Merry merry christmas and crazy new year! May this journey be smoother than the last *fingers crossed*

-The biggest hugs and kisses from me-

Thursday, December 14, 2006

more often than not, your heart knows something is wrong before it registers in your brain.

sometimes an itch is all it takes.

a gentle brush and a finger pushing the hair out of your eyes, means so much more than a kiss.

a whisper of support and care possibly touches the heart more than mutterings of sweet nothings.

absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

do not judge a book by its cover. Things you see may not be the way it seems. Everybody makes this mistake everyday.

not one day has gone by without me wishing.

a million reasons and excuses is never enough.

a lifetime of trust can be broken by one simple misdeed.

forever means nothing if the heart is incapable of loving.

you don't have to shout to have an argument. silence is sufficient.

love is not that simple. love is not that complicated. love is, just the way it is.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

when you held my hand last nite
i thought i felt my heart skip a beat
yet again, for the thousandth time

maybe forever is in our cards, somewhere
or it might not even last a lifetime

when i hear 'i love you'
i yearn to believe it, so much so till i forget everything else

i've been holding your hand
for close to 3 years now

an achievement, no doubt, to both of us
where happiness lies in the ability to cuddle up at home
with nothing but a dvd
(or a good book in my hands, and dota in yours)

we're 24
in 2 weeks time, we'll cross over the threshold

i got my first white hair
you've had yours 9 years ago
is this a sign that we're growing old together?

after all,
you did hold my hand when we were 15



about 12 days ago, a black doggie came up to me as i got down my car after work back home.

he didn't look famished; as though he used to be someone's dog. Perhaps he ran out of the house when the gate was open.

he was completely black, with brown markings at his chest and legs. a short adorable malaysian doggie. Don't get me wrong, he looks old (i assumed he's around 6 yrs old as he already had white hairs along his back).

The little doggie was so sweet as it came up to me, sniffed my legs and wagged its tail.

it wanted to play.


i patted it a little bit; cooed at it a little bit and then ran back up (i was late for an appointment, see).

told my daddy to give a call to the stupid riana green management to call spca to bring the poor fellow away and give it shelter. with its sweet demeanour i'm sure it'll get adopted soon.

'requested' my parents to feed it. problem was, apparently the dog split as soon as it saw my dad. Hhmmm think my dad's damn scary la.. even to animals (sigh)

5 days passed.

after an hour's jam from kl and soaking under a hot shower; i went down to LG to meet with kheong.

the doggie was still there.

tried to whistle it over. it came, sniffed me, then walked off.

he looked alright.

gave an sms to my parents to feed the poor thing.

7 more days passed.

i came home last nite around 7.30, only to find the poor doggie greeting me as i got out of my car again.

he was stick thin.

No one fed him for the past 12 days! twelve days!!!

rushed up, took a quick shower and told my parents.

practically begged them for some food. in return, i said i would give the dog my share as well. so i just ate a couple tablespoons full of rice and a bit of potatoes and pork.

the rest i just put it nicely in a container with a lot of rice and vegetables. mummy was nice enough to mix it all up with a bit of gravy as well (dogs just dont eat veg, see). so that way, doggie will get extra nutrients thru the veg.

i went down 20 min earlier (before kheong came) to search for the dog.

walked in the rain for 10 min searching for him.

never prayed so hard in the past few months. needed to find the doggie so i can feed him (was worried i couldn't find him).

found him lurking in the basement entrance. rushed over, opened the cover of the container and lured him out to my car which was parked outside... he looked famished! Ate about 80% of it.

Gave me a grateful look, and wagged its tail.. aww.

why hasn't anybody fed him?

people passing by were actually astonished that i was feeding him! One dude in a bmw literally stopped as i was talking to it, and gave me the 'one eyebrow up' look.

WHAT? Never see people feeding a stray before ah?


anyhow, i drew up a plan to feed the doggie. Kheong will bring some pork ribs, meat (from soup) and rice twice a week. i will beg my parents for food twice a week.

A doggie should be ok, hor, if he's fed 4 times a week?

In the meantime, i'm gonna pester my daddy to BUG the crap out of the mgmt to give shelter to the dog. the sweetie deserves better.

*heart melts*

Friday, December 08, 2006


Oh NO!!!!! *wails dramatically*

Grace, my new colleague found something on my head:

A white hair!

Just one.

But oh my God... do you know what this means?



i'm getting old!

Besides that i'm also worried that i would turn out like my mom!
Her entire head is white! And this hereditery white-haired syndrome started when she was 26!
Oh my God.
Please no no no no no....

i don't think it's hereditery, no? But my mum said it is!




Sigh... Please, Lord, let me be white-hair free for the next 10 years.