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Thursday, April 26, 2007

i survived!


OBS was a complete bitch.

But i had SO MUCH fun doing it anyway!

List of things completed:

1. Completed the whaling trip (rowing and sailing a 12-men boat) all around pangkor island and made it back in record time! Lesson learnt: We should always stick together, and listen to each other. We canNOT direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails.

2. Built a raft for 12 men and rowed 1km down to basecamp (even though half of it was broken, we stuck till the end and either: a) pushed the raft by swimming b) remaining ppl rowed as hard as they can) Lesson learnt: People should NOT move around a dodgy raft while rowing. zzz. stupid.

3. Got burnt like a lobster. Lesson learnt: i can NOT stay in the sun too long.

4. Got the worst allergy attack in my life. My lips triple-sized itself and rashes all over my hands, and face. urgh. Lesson learnt: do NOT put sunblock on face no matter how hot it is. Use a HUGE ass hat instead.

5. Slept 7 hours on the hard-as-rock forest floor. Lesson learnt: Just tahan-lah! :D

6. Gained 11 new great friends. Lesson learnt: You can never have enough friends... ;)

Haha. Pics laterz!

i'm home baby.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


the bitch is starting work (everybody scream FINALLY!!) in one day's time.



Big day, Monday is.

So is the Sunday. Going to OBS for 5 days.
Heard i'll die from: heat, dehydration, pain, agony, sea-sick (have to row that raft AROUND pangkor island), malnutrition (apparently they let you starve too. haha) and roast from the sun (baked Lucinda anyone?)

I'll find out then.

sweet mama.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

you don't have to ask me..
you don't have to look at my blog constantly to know..
you don't have to ponder about it..

i hate you.

following david eu's famous words on blue server:

go fuck yourself, you motherless mongrel.



My boy says i'm too ganas when i'm playing dota.

Scene 1:
(defending our middle lane, one motherless fucktard is off farming at the top lane, leaving just 4 of us here to defend)
me: Eh! xxx for God's sake get your ass back to the base wei!
others: (silence)
(the opposing team pushes and my teammates, leaving me to die there, either not ulti-ing or not stun-ning, or just running away)
me: WOI! what the fuck? HARLOW?! did you boys see me there? HARLOW?! what the fuck. know already i'm a spellcaster, niama protect me la tiu. you took the strength hero for FUCKS ah.
others: (starts stressing)

Scene 2:
(me farming together with boy in one lane)
me: farm farm farm
him: farm farm farm
(suddenly some fuckwit belakang mari came and stun me)
me: Argh! (tries to hit if can, stun if can, run if can. but i died. zzz.) OH MY GOD LAH! Babe! Fuck, ULTI la!! You use moonfang for fucks mehhhhhhhhhh.......... zzz
him: what? i didn't see la / i press already la, channeling / eh chill out la
me: i just died. chill fuck ah

oklah, maybe i'm a bit too ganas la.

or maybe i'm just a tad too righteous in dota. lol.

i really should quit.. :D


Work starts in 12 days!