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Friday, December 30, 2005

Inter Office Email - Topic: Kepa

Kok wai sent us all some marriage astrology nonsense. Considering that three of us were born in the year of the dog, the man coincidentally forgot to put in the Dog constellation. Genius! So here is the recollection of inter office emails between me, kok, chiu wan and my baby.

Me : Double-U Teeee Fff....

Kok.. Where is the Dog wan? LoL... two ppl on the mailing list (including myself) are born in the year of the dog wei. Kok, you're not a born in the dog year, you're still in the rooster year. But still, wat the.....

LoL when you find the dog ones onli you forward to us la ok?

Kok : Wassup dog!

I got this from my colleague la. It came like that. If she gives the one with Dog will forward to you all ok. Chill!

Ei I’m born in year of the dog also la! Born on the 3rd day of CNY la! Just because my middle name is Kok that doesn’t mean I’m born in the year of a roaster! Haha! I’m a DOG….. wof wof wof!

Chiu Wan: Hahahaha….Guess there are three doggies here afterall……no rooster though.

Kok : 3 doggies and a rabbit! Haha! Guess that makes you “The Special One” here :)

Babe : Eh kok, why are you such a kepa.

Ei I’m born in year of the dog also la! Born on the 3rd day of CNY la! Just because my middle name is Kok that doesn’t mean I’m born in the year of a roaster! Haha! I’m a DOG….. wof wof wof!

Me : Sememangnya Kepa....

Babe : if you have a look at your keyboard, the A and O is quite far apart lar really… so you cant blame it on typo. This is pure kepa-ness..

Chiu Wan: Ahem ~ Excuse me…..no rabbit around here. Supposed to be 3 doggies and a piggy

Kok : I got confused there la! You all know me so long also think I’m a roaster!

Babe : Roaster.

There there! again wei! massive kepa!

There you go. The kepa-ness of kok wai. LoL

Deloitte dinner & dance

Ahh.. pics, pics, pics. Nothing else to write about that stupid dinner. Was sitting in front of the speakers! Imagine how that felt like.. LoL But overall it was an entertaining two and a half hours, sitting nicely in my red cheongsam!

Deloitte Girls.... :)

Farrah and i

Chiu Wan, Farrah and i

Hoong, Me, Farrah & Kok

Well i have a lot more pics.. but the problem is they're all over the place! Some are in my camera, in kok's camera and farrah's camera, etc etc... These pics are from farrah's camera. I'm too lazy and too chilled out to upload it. Wait lar ya? :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


To Mr. XXX,

What is wrong this time? Why are you always like that? Why must it always be XXX against the world? Every time you start grumbling to us about Ms. Who and Who whom you, of all freaking ppl used to like, started asking you for favors la, asking for jobs la, asking for rides la… Who kept quiet and sat there quietly listening to your nonsense nattering and complaints? Who supported your ‘very actions’ of being sarcastic and even downright mean and selfish to these people? And bloody hell, you used to like them!

Just because they turned you down
Just because they turned out to be sluts
Just because you lost your feelings..
Does it give you a right to bitch about them?

Gawd, man!
Once, I understand. Twice, I also understand. But all the time?

And on another note… Why must you brag all the time, man? So what if your dad became a datuk? Do I look like I give two shits? Fine, even if you don’t, I know deep inside your small heart that you feel a bit bigger. Then you applied to that damn company. You made it sound like it was HELL getting into this company, and all sorts of difficult questions they asked you, and also how ‘important’ it made you joining this company.

Gawd, man!

And you know what? It doesn’t make you any bigger! Even when me and my beloved listened to your ‘bragging’, we knew instantly that you had differential treatment. Because your dad was a datuk! For Gawd’s sake, he’s the company’s client! Me and my beloved just sat there, nodding our heads quietly. Any Tom, Dick & Harry can get into this company. Is it really that hard? And even IF you got into this company on your own accord, what’s so big about that?Give yourself a pat on your back, and move on.

Gawd, man!

Now, for the most important thing. This girl. Ok, I know I shouldn’t get any credit whatsoever for introducing her to you. But honestly, don’t you think I should get a little credit, for listening to your whining when you thought it wouldn’t work out? Didn’t me and my beloved gave you sound advice and do what your heart feels and not what your mind thinks? Didn’t we give you guidance in times when your future seemed bleak? Didn’t I sit there next to your ‘girl’ and held her close, gave her a hug, so she can cry?

Didn’t I listen to both of you and giving you advise when you were both lost?And now, what, wise guy?

According to your sms to me… “I honestly thought you were quite rude to me just now. I’m ok, but just want to let you know I’m not your punching bag”

Listen. I was on the way to buy something I’ve been yearning (screaming, tearing hair kind of yearning) to buy that beauuuuu-ti-ful pair of shoes for the past week and a half. I was already walking to that shop. Why would I want to release ‘my temper’ on you and ‘punch’ on you when I was so damn happy? Could it not be that the place was farking loud, and that I have to raise my voice a little bit, because I can’t farking hear you?

Not everything is about you, ok, genius?

You’re not the only man on earth.

If I wanted to punch someone, or use someone as a punching bag, I won’t choose you. And since when I wanted to punch you? Like, I don’t have my own punching bag issit? Must punch you wan issit?

After all this… there’s only one point which I want to stress out on to you.

You are.. sorry, were, a good friend of mine. We (as in me and my beloved) trusted you, gave you hope, gave you strength, gave you good advise. I gave you comfort when you were down, taught you how to respect everyone around you, supported you when my beloved wasn't around and gave you (literally) your girl.

Now, you want to point fingers at me and say that you are my punching bag?

Mr. XXX, I am just really, truly, incredibly disaapointed at this. You of all people, should know better. You, of all people, know me. We have endured your pitiless and shameless bragging for .. like.. forever. What should matter between friends is love, care, and honesty. What matters to you is your ego, your face, and what makes you ‘bigger’ than everybody else.

Just because you have 'a girl' now, doesn't make you any better. Or bigger.

From now on, you are no longer my friend.

You’re an acquaintance.

And I’m saying it here, of all places, is so that you know. You are no longer my friend, nor will I treat you like one anymore.

I wish you luck with your girl. Just go out with her everyday in the absence of friends. Pretty soon, she’s all you’ll ever know.

Your friends will be gone. I wish you the best of luck.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The latest craze....


i bought this gorgeous sarah jessica parker type skirt! i know it's been a long while since i bought it, but i want to rant on about it!! hahaa...

It's Gold/green in colour.
It's puffy.
It has a BEEG BEEGGG ribbon on the side.
It's puffy.
It's SO sarah jessica parker.

Lemme show you a pic that resembles it! :)

OK.. i CAN'T find any skirt that resembles it. Fark...

On another note..

i can't seem to fully grasp the idea that i'm careless. And forgetful.

Just the other day, me and Jian Wen (the boy came back from Melb for 5 weeks) went to play pool and foosball at The Rack. i brought along my purple Gucci Sunnies that i placed nicely on my perfectly coiffeured head. Of course, while playing, i can't leave it there and take a shot right? So i put it on the table. He said 'Don't forget your sunglasses' at least twice. Twice. I nodded my head and said 'ok, let's continue playing!'

And then we left.

Drove him home to SS14. He got off the car, waved bye.. and then...


Frantically searches the car upside down for my sunnies.

i left it in The Rack. On the foosball table.

*slaps forehead*

i hate myself sometimes.

Cursing the cars away as i drove like a mad woman back to The Rack, while quietly praying (screaming prayers) that it's still there. It was. Phew!

Forgetful, forgetful me.

Since i'm already posting up stuff i have and love, i'll just put in another photo of my sunnies! :)

Here you go:

The sunnies in Purple is mine.... :) Sweet, beautiful, Gucci sunnies. i promise i'll never leave you behind again.. Never.

Smooch. Kiss. Smooch. Caressss...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Seven wonders of Malaysia

Here I am today, sitting in the office in my new white velvet jacket and beige heels, just wiling the hours away. Been pretty bored the whole day (but obviously punctuated and improved with every email from my girlfriends and boyfriend). Since I have another hour and a half to going home time, I decided to write about the 7 wonders of Malaysia.

First Wonder: Federal Highway jams up for no apparent reason
This Wonder has been impressing many road users like me for many donkey years. For example, one can use the federal highway from Petaling Jaya heading towards Subang Jaya when suddenly, there is a jam. You jam up there for about 10 – 15 mins, and after a while .. miraculously, the jam is gone. So the question remains: Why does it jam up? Could it be a possibility of:
a) Too many cars
b) Too many aunties driving on the road
c) Too many P drivers on the road

Obviously I’m not being a complete bitch and pointing fingers and all, but doesn’t it make you wonder the cause of it all? *ponders* You just get to the end of the jam and you scream "what the fark was the jam all about?"

Second Wonder: Why the road jams up when there is an accident (or not)
Even at the opposite side of the road. Imagine. Driving bumper to bumper on the LDP and wondering where the accident is. You finally reach the accident site and realize it’s at the opposite side of the road. And you wonder: WHY the fark is it jammed up here then? Could it be because MALAYSIANS ARE No.8? Like another miracle, after the accident site, the road instantly clears.

This even applies when a car just stops at the side of the road (at the emergency lane). Cars just stop, and the bladdy Malaysian Drivers just LOOK. And I ask “At what?!?”

Third Wonder: Aunties of Malaysia
Why do they push? Why do they step on you during sales? I once had the misfortune to meet one particularly sad aunty during the Adidas Warehouse Sale. We were politely lining up to get into the store (where they are selling the clothes) when this aunty behind me keeps pushing me. I politely ignored her. Near the entrance, she even snatched away the plastic bag the adidas guy was handing out to the ppl lining up (so they can put the clothes in). NEVERMIND. I took a deep breath and ignored her. So there we were, walking slowly to the door, when my bf opened it, I walked right into the door behind him, and that farking aunty pushed me and stepped on my sandals and I nearly tripped. I turned around, SLAMMED the door, and said out LOUD “Bitch! What the fark is wrong with you? You bloody uneducated woman.” and stalked off. That’s the BEST way to handle a rude aunty.

Needless to say, she looked timidly at me and scampered away. *tee hee*

Fourth Wonder: Malaysians and the ‘worshipping kuai lou’ syndrome
Malaysians. We tend to think that these orang putihs that come to Malaysia for expatriation are better than the Malaysians living here. Why ar? Most importantly, what bugs me is, WHY do we pretend to have a slang when we’re talking to them? If they don’t understand manglish, just speak normal English without the ‘la’ and ‘har’ and ‘wor’ and ‘wan’. Simple, queen’s English. It’s proper and simple enough for these orang putihs to understand, man. Seriously. No need to pretend like you have an American slang.

Fifth wonder: Slangs pop up when Malaysians become famous
I once knew this girl. She used to be in my church and a year younger than me. We used to hang out after church and were always bitching around at the back row. We were pure Malaysians, meaning, manglish was so strong it would have to take three shots of Bacardi 151 for us to start talking proper English (with a huge laugh alongside it). Fast forward to 7 years in the future.

She won one Miss Malaysia Universe or World thingie. And you know what? She’s only been in Singapore for 5 months after her ‘win’ and phwoar! She was speaking to me with the American Slang. Mind you, she studied in Malaysia. I continued to use the manglish to piss her off until SHE finally relented and said “Take care la Lucinda”. Ehem. Right. What happened to your slang darling?

Yet another case of the ‘God’ syndrome. My brother used to date this girl who studied 5 years in New Zealand. Nobody liked her. Because she thought that since she studied five years overseas, she’s better than us lowly Malaysian-government-schooled children. So, anyway… the funny thing is… she spoke to us in an American Slang (pauses) when she was in New Zealand (another long pause). Like, wat the fark? I wasn’t pissed at her. I laughed at her until my sides hurt. The latter worked like a charm. She shut up after that.

Sixth wonder: Everybody complain, Nobody does anything.
This one needs no explanation. It happens ALL the time.. with EVERYTHING. Complain, complain, complain. Sigh.

Seventh wonder: Hey, I know ‘who and who’ wan wei.
Clients. Sigh. Just because you know my CEO or another department’s CEO, does it look like I give two farks about it? If you are the CEO’s sister/aunty/mother ah, if we are fully booked for the seminar, it means we are fully booked. Why don’t you go and stick your head in the toilet bowl and get a good wash ok? Maybe it’ll take all the fuzz out of your brain.

i'm pretty sure all of you out there have had the misfortune to meet such gits in the real world. God bless you all.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

for you

The love of my life.

i can't breathe without you
i can't see without you
i can't feel without you
i can't listen without you

the ups and downs
the highs and lows
the bad and good
the right and wrong

All are empty without you, babe.

Carrie Underwood - God blessed the broken road

i started on the narrow way many years ago
hoping i would find true love along the broken road
but i got lost..
coudln't see how every sign pointed straight to you

every long lost dream
led to me where you are
others who broke my heart
they were like northern stars
pointing me on my way
into your loving arms
this much i know, it's true..
That God blessed the broken road
that led me straight to you"