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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


45 mins till freedom, and i'll go.
My head feels like it's full of foam.
My toes feel like it's been put on hold.
My fingers are numb and cold.

Till then, my ass will be on this seat.
Hopefully, my boss won't be a bitch.
By 5.32pm i shall be on my feet.
Racing my way back home, so i can feel at ease.

Monday, October 24, 2005

oOoohHhhhhh BlogThings!!

Go here: http://www.blogthings.com and simply enjoy! (Best used during working hours as it dramatically reduces boredom!)

Your French Name is:
Christelle Lacroix

My name, is Christelle Lacroix.. oOohhh.. sexy. Call me, Christelle from now on! :D

Your Hair Should Be Pink
Hyper, insane, and a boatload of fun.
You're a traveling party that everyone loves to follow.

And i should have PINK hair! hahaha.. i will, i will!

Slow and Steady
Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.
How Do People See You?

i'm angry! *GgRrrr* i am NOT slow and steady!

(but i put in slightly different answers, TWICE!... *sob*)

ok, ok, i know i'm sort of going on a craze right now, but i'm bored in office and my boss is out! i'll put in just one more ok? Just one more... :)

Your Hidden Talent
Your natural talent is interpersonal relations and dealing with people.
You communicate well and are able to bring disparate groups together.
Your calming presence helps everything go more smoothly.
People crave your praise and complements.

i lied!

What Your Underwear Says About You
It's important that your underwear doesn't offend anyone - in case you get in a car accident.

You're a closet exhibitionist who gets a thrill from being secretly naughty.
The Underwear Oracle

Bwai bwai.. *waves hand*

i. am. screwed.

How bad can a person screw up in life?

This bad (points to self)

i am insensitive, blur, and have the attentiveness of an elephant.

i should be shot at. Now. Gawwwd.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

GoogLe*y* it?

Ok, dear girlfriend, i shall google*y* it as well.

So what you do is, you go to GOOgley Images and post up the first image you see when you search for:
name of the town you grew up in
name of the town you live in now
your name
your grandmother's name
your favourite food
your favourite drink
your favourite song
your favourite smell

Hehe.. i'm just gonna do a few lah, since i'm at work, and my boss might walk in on me blogging anytime soon! hehe..

The Town i grew up in: KL. i actually typed in Petaling Jaya but the damned thing just showed KL. Bloody mat-sallehs. They just generalised everything in malaysia into KL.

Since i'm still living here, i'll skip the second one.

Ahh.. ok. Well, apparently there's this really famous ballet dancer named Lucinda. But what a pose, man..

oh shit. boss is back. Blog later.

Friday, October 14, 2005

The caricature of men. Sigh.

To my dear girlfriend, and to all the other girls out there who have ‘excess’ attention from people they definitely DO NOT desire, here are a few tips to get them off your back:

Tip 1: NEVER dress up nicely whenever you see them
Though this only applies if you have a planned appointment with him.. This works wonders especially if that guy is only interested with how gorgeous you look everytime you meet him. Put him off by dressing as ‘leh feh’ as you possibly can.

Tip 2: ALWAYS mention about your boyfriend
Even if you don’t have one. As I noticed amongst most rational, normal, testosterone-pumped guy, they do have some ego to protect. Most Malaysian men don’t like to become the third party. *warning: This does NOT apply to men who loves a challenge. Even if you’re attached (or not) he will gear up and shift to 5th gear if he hears you’re attached. Or to thick-skinned men who think themselves superior and able to attain ANY girl he wants (best tip for this: Avoid)* So, keep ranting on about you both.

Tip 3: NEVER reply his sms if you can
Or if you can, don’t layan him langsung! Poor girls out there have received ‘sexy looks’, flowers, chocolates and even to the extreme: sexy lingerie, due to these unwanted attention. This is best handled by totally ignoring the man, either by: Looking away and saying ‘uhuh’ when he says things like “You don’t love me wannn *pouts*” or “You’re so pretty lah today *grin*”. This is the best because if you say something more polite, he’ll think as though he hit the target and you’re agreeing on his advances. Just act rude, and oblivious to his ‘charms’… *GAG*

Tip 4: NEVER agree with him
Men have this exxtra-Large ego that needs to be protected at all times. If you are going out in a group, and he tries to be ‘funny’, get funny with him. Disagree on him at all points and diss him off there & then in front of everybody! Make him lose face! Or embarrass him by ‘spilling’ some of his deeeep & daaaark secrets ‘accidentally’ in front of all your friends.. (screams: WooHoooo in private)

Hope you gals will find these tips useful! Hahahaha!


i want long curly hair!!

ps: i'm too free at work now. ALL alone in the office! WooHooooOooo!! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pics for Lea to see

This will be my last post for many days. Too lazy or too bored or too busy with work to update.. But since she's requested to see some pics, i will 'seng chuen' her first! :)

Me, before i cut my hair.. about 2 months plus plus plus ago. hehe..

Babe, cutting his toe-nails in the most 'fashionable' way!

Babe and i (he with no shirt, me with new hair)

Momo (Effects: LusciousLuc)

Chin Chin .. adorable.

ps: i know, i know. The hair 'before' and 'after' looks pretty much the same. I'm not sure why, but you can't really see it on the camera. But there is loads of difference. hehe. You just have to see it in person *grin*

i remember

i was sitting at my desk, flipping through webpages, news pages, girlfriend's blogs, boyfriend's blog, and Malaysian news... and it just hit me.
  • How i missed my childhood days.
  • Times when i could screw up, and make mistakes and learn from it.
  • Times when i could make mistakes without being reprimanded (unlike now, if i make one mistake, just one, and my head and ass would be in the line of fire)
  • How i practically hated my primary school days (i was never the nice person. Or known. i was the wallpaper, nerd-like, in fact) Ok fine. i'm still the nerd.
  • Days without end when i could laugh, joke, and make funny faces and expressions to my high school friends in class (and i was known for making the most crass and obnoxious comments)
  • Days when me, lea and karen would sneak out of Mrs. Tan's accounting class *it was too (way too) dreary and boring to sit through the double periods* to visit Adeline, and Seng downstairs, by crouching down and sneaking out of the back door.
  • Days when boon was actually stuuuupid *yes, he was, jokingly of course* and his brains and sense was worth only 2 cents (we wanted to make it 1 cent, ok. Two cents is gooood)
  • Days and years, when we (ALL of us girls) would and could ogle on cute boys (new boys, mostly) and think *wah! Damn cute! Go see, go see!!!*
  • Weekends when we would go to lea's house on sat, and walk to One U, wore short skirts, and bought flouncy earrings.
  • Years, when earrings were the IN thing in high school. And would constantly compare the ones we bought.
  • The years when my dad had no $$$, and my parents never had the heart to tell me. And i spent, like normal. Whereas they would go without food for half a day, just to feed me. And the day that i cried, when my dad finally told me in Form 4 (But thigs were muuuch better after that) and how my mum would suffer, scrimp and work to put a lil food on the table (my friends never knew)
  • The final year of high school when all of us girls would chatter, and wonder who's gonna take us to the prom *sighhhhh*
  • The time after the prom. Some cracks appeared in what, seemed like, cemented friendship
  • Times when we could cry, reminisce of earlier highschool days and wonder, where did the years go to?
  • The time when i went to Lea's house before she left for Syd, and we cried together, hugging, and thinking that we might never see each other again(which we did, of course, babe). And i couldn't even see her long, because asshole andrew was rushing me, downstairs.
  • The years after, when everything seemed to fall apart. Thinking that our high school bonds of love, trust and friendship would've ended, now that all of us were separated by geographical borders... and the new walls that separated us, friends, emotionally.
  • For me, the years after high school seemed... somewhat distant. Not much fantastic memories.. years when we were separated. But only joined by 3 months of close bonds, when friends would come back.
  • Of course, the year that i won 1st place in the Ms KDU pageant (which was crap, of course). But followed by Lea's earrings as a congratulatory pressie for me. Sent fm Syd.
  • The years during college (2000-2003) when things were ok, but my dad was still a bit tight financially, and would always apply for time extension to pay college fees (btw, kdu can go kiss my ass. Bloody college)
  • The years when my parents and i would have screaming matches, whether it was in the morning (highly unlikely, cause i'd be sleepin), evening (before/after dinner) and at 3am (after i came home). *Now, the screaming matches would be at 10pm. Or 1pm. Although it had been reduced to, me, trying to make my parents see eye to eye in a more polite way, and loving them more than ever, as well as appreciating small things*
  • The moment i realized that my love, would be permanent. It took me a long time to realize that. And now, although we've been together for years (it seems), and new memories are made everyday, that moment of realization seemed so far away.

Although some friendships and love have melted away, some broken for good.. A few of us still keep the friendship. There are, considerably, a lot less friends than the past, but i believe some friendships and love are here to stay. My family, however damaged and cracked up in the past, now have been pulled together. Yes, we still argue, mostly with me disagreeing with my dad on how to handle situations... but i love them more. How my dad n mum would carefully put my new *brand new* tea mug (huge one) at the dining table and put the nicely wrapped can of chinese tea on top of it, on the morning of my first day at work.

i remember. Do you?

what's a girl gotta do on a day like this?

it's 9.10am. Too early for words. Woke up the wrong side of the bed today. The moment i looked at myself in the mirror, i screamed.

It looked like it was gonna rain too... is this going to be a bad day? So what's a girl gotta do on a day as moody as this?

1. Smile at self in the mirror, comb hair down. Put on the pinkiest blusher in the closet (you can't consider the fact that i onli have ONE blusher. hehehe), wear nice clothes (in my case, i've nearly worn everything last weeek.... so i had to choose a dull light grey *gawd, so dull* three quarter sleeve top paired with *ta da!* black skirt. If you DON'T have nice clothes like me, unlike lea, just do whatever you can to spruce up your ensemble~!)

2. You can do that by....
a) Wearing diamonds (sparkle and blind everybody around you so they can't see that nice (horrid) clothes you're wearing on that day
b) Put on nice, 3 inch stilletos as it slims down your calves and puts a sexy movement to your walk (makes your butt move in a seductive fashion)
c) Wear a branded, or expensive bag to drag their eyes away from your beautiful (sickly-looking) face! Bags like Gucci, LV and Burberry do quite well.
d) Wearing pearls. Like part a), pearls can do wonders to your clothes (i wore pearl earrings today.. subtle, innocent, yet sexy *how can a earring accomplish that all, you say* Yes, my dears, it can.. *nods head*

3. If no 1-2 does not apply to yourself, either because you don't have a blusher and don't have anything fm a) - d), get yourself... (according to lea) a HUGE, GIGANTIC, BIG cup of coffee, latte, frappe or anything with coffee to brighten up your smile and face! An almost instantaneous effect on your behaviour for the day! Apparently with coffee, you'll "not act like a skanky bitch". I'm taking her advice *grabs a cup of coffee*

Well, besides the moody and pathetic-looking weather outside to destroy anybody's day... something else is worse than that. Yes.. *nods head*... watching a horrible, worse than pathetic, pointless movie the night before does, just that.

Saint Ange (directed by Pascal Laugier)

i am not here to give you reasons to watch it, i'm giving you reasons to NOT watch it. Why?

  • The directing is crap. Pascal Laugier is an awful director that has no gift for movie making (he should save his money and let his grandmother direct the movie)
  • The writing is crap. Pascal Laugier himself wrote the script. Needless to say, there is no plot, no storyline, and no meaning to each character.
  • Sadly, even the poor and crazy lil (adult) orphan Judith did a bad job at being crazy. How difficult can it be to act like some insane, lil (big) girl (woman)?
  • Virginie Deloyen deserves better.

Keep your RM10 or AUD$13 and spend it on a superb coffee frappe or latte and bask in the emotions, that is, caffeine-high.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

From werk!!

Werk, werk.

i can't believe i'm updating my blog (finally!) from the office. Yes, the office. While everyone (and when i say everyone, i mean everyone!) is out for a seminar, i'm sitting alone in the office, absolutely basking in the fact that i can totally surf the net (and do soooo much more) for 5 whole hours today *grin*. The benefits of being totally new to the company. (booohoooooo!! Who wants to go to a stuuuuupid seminar and wake up at 6am aneeeeway?!)

The only thing i can't do in office is surf mail. Which, of course, the floor's IT support guy Stanley failed to tell me. And here i was, frantically typing 'hotmail.com' into the address. Of course, it could never have loaded anyway. Sigh. Techie-un-savvy.

Anyway, updates on myself (in random order):
  • i'm working in Deloitte Tax (pls don't ask me anything about tax, i'm new!)
  • There's always ONE piece of black clothing on me everyday when i dress for work *because apparently the staff cannot wear tops darker than the bottoms, boooo....*
  • i already have four portfolios under me adey (one more big one coming).... Not werk, werk, yet... but just portfolios under me. By end of the month, i'll be insane.
  • Baby is still cute.
  • i'm cute.
  • You wanna know whyyyy? *tee heeeee* i cut my hair! On saturday morning, i went to Sense and the si-fu there trimmed my hair. And he gave me a super duper fringe! (i took a picture of it... but either too lazy to upload or not that vain yet! hahaa*
  • Lea's birthday is coming.
  • Parent's celebrated their 29th anniversary on saturday too. Happeeeeeeee! :D
  • i can't drink anymore.
  • i don't club anymore (but i'm not fretting! i'm absolutely enjoying my life now, with all the non-excessive habits)
  • OH, bull...you can't count smoking as one of them!

Haha. Ok, not really updates.. but you get the picture! Well... gtg.... erm...... surf the net!

*pssst.. will update in another two hours!*