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Monday, August 29, 2005

The undesirable one.

Dammit! Went to this interview about two hours ago. Since this company is of such stature, i will not state its name. But this 'apparently high class' company is hte holding company for Mandarin Oriental and Giant.


Here's the sequence of events for that un-nice, one hour:
1. Arrived early at 9.40am. Interview at 10am. Company looked nice. Very professional-ish.

2. Went up to the receptionist, said hello! Good morning. This receptionist is a middle-aged woman, looks constipated and acts like she has never gotten laid before in her entire life. She looked at me, and grumpily asked: 'what position you applying for?', 'who called you?' and then she passed me the form 'fill it up'.

3. i sat quietly at the reception area and 'filled the form up'. Passed it back to the grumpy, and unfulfilled woman that is, the receptionist.

4. Waited until 10.10am. They were late. Took a mag and read for a while. Suddenly i heard a lady call out 'Lucinda? Follow me!'. She was half-running with another guy trailing behind her to a meeting room. i had to run after them. Run. Is this some disciplinary school for naughty adult-girls?

5. *huffs & puffs* Reached the 'meeting room'. (Meeting room? My toilet also bigger than this, man!) I saw them, seated. i took a seat, smiled and said 'hello. Good morning', while they mumbled something incoherent. They didn't even smile. They didn't even introduce themselves. But immediately said 'Lucinda.. Describe yourself'. And from then on they asked me 'typical boring questions' used by 'typical boring ah-beng companies'.

6. End of interview. Asked me if i have any questions. Like, to whom should i address the question to, Lady? To: The Woman who looks and sounds like a fussy and horrible late 20's person with no one to love? or The Man who is so quiet and only whispers and mumbles, which, unfortunately is balding in his early 30's? Then passed me another form, to fill up.

7. With that, they just got up, and left. Without saying bye, or, nice meeting you.

8. i filled up that form slip-sloppishly and handed it back to that grumpy, unfulfilled unsmiling lady at the reception. This time, i ran out. On my own free will.

My worst experience with a Conglomerate firm. I wanna tell this people to go piss in the Kayu Ara River! No, wait. Piss in a river further than that, maybe the Gombak River. i don't want them soiling the river more.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Apparently TAGGED.

i'm tagged!No!! I didn't even know what that meant, until i went to lea's blog. Do i really have to answer these questions ah? Dammit!

Here goes..

Hero in my life:
- Dad
- Michael Schumacher? Cause he is soooo cool when he wins and loses :D
- ooohhh and that cute hotie of a goalkeeper for ManU that left.. *sniff* he IS cute ok? From the side he looked like that guy who played the good guy in Bridget Jones.. *sigh*

Things i'm grateful for:
- Parents to support me financially and emotionally when i decided to quit Maersk
- Parents who STILL supports me when i'm happily unemployed
- Oh, yeah and Kheong too

Material things i'm most darndest grateful for:
- Jurlique's Herbal Serum thingie.. gives me rosy cheeks
- My tag watch; for helping me keep time during exams and interviews
- The ring kheong gave me; to diddle with during interviews when i'm bored

People i lurve:
- Parents
- Kheong
- Friends

Dog i lurve:
- Panther and Mahoney (the black dog that ran away and the ferocious dog that bit me)
- Jesse (for her endearing eyes and how she loves to climb up me and listens to every thing i say)
- Chin chin (for her endearing eyes and how she actually listens to me!)
- Momo (eh.... love/hate relationship: he sneezes at me)

Things i hate:
- Betrayal
- Hot mornings when i decide to sleep till noon
- Phone calls BEFORE the time i'd decided to wake up

Weird stuff about me:
- Hate cockroaches, insects, creepy crawlies baddies.. eeEwwww
- Doesn't eat Sambal/tomato ketchup/chilli sauce on its own, but wouldn't mind if it already IN the food.
- How i always always do things in order. First, this.. then this.. then this! Perfect.
- How i always talk about something.. then detour to another subject... then detours back to the original topic. Heh o.0

Bad Habits:
- Rants and curses in the car
- Smoking
- Reading till wee hours in the mornin

Most Loved tv shows:
- Buffy
- Sex n the City
- Lost
- Desperate Housewives

Secret wishes:
- Endless supply of books to read..
- Perfect hair every day, even after i wake up.
- Loads of cash.
- Loads of cash to buy clothes.
- Loads of cash to buy a super nice sports car, which i won't speed in.
- A dog of my own.
- To play mahjong every weekend.

Haha. Done. Met up with chut liang this morning for breakfast and coffee afterwards. It was a fun conversation... AMusing, actually. He's still the same; fast-walking, fast-talking, fast-eating chut liang with the now-bald head (screams). Asked him an honest question if i was like this (weird, theoretical-based, realistic, fanatic fan of perfectionism) since i knew him. He said yes.



Tuesday, August 23, 2005

of journeys and destinations

Where does my life lead me? What secrets does the journey hold? Will i find my direction and path? For everything seems bleak and grey. Nothing more than a paler shade of grey..
Under a blackened light
my soul is simply grey
not forever
but just for today
and i cry as i see my reflection
it seems so twisted
am i heading in the right direction
or am i already there?
i pray for an answer
but know the answers are lingering in the air
i wait inside myself so i may know
the reasons for my grey soul
so i continue to softly pray
not forever
just for another day

Monday, August 22, 2005

Guilty as charged

I feel soooo guilty. I shouted at Kheong just now, and it was shout shout. Not those etiquette-restraining shout whilst showing an annoyed face, but shout shout without restraint. Sigh. Bad bad girl (you guys can start throwing boo’s at me now)


1. New pair of slippers, only two hours old.
2. At futsal centre, watching boys play ball.
3. After match, Kheong walking by.
4. Lane very wide. Joshua sitting over there, i standing over here.
5. And Mr. Lee decides to step on my toes (both feet) and new slippers on the very wide lane.
6. Screams, shouts, rants nonsense, curses, angry hurtful words.

It hurt! Toes were red, adding another source of pain to my worsening headache. Still, i was very very mean and bitchy when i said those words. I shouldn't have said it.

Lucinda's Official Apology Memo:
Ms Lucinda Chan would like to request for Mr Lee Yew Kheong to accept her apology. She has truly regretted her actions and words, and would appreciate it if Mr Lee Yew Kheong would accept it. However. Ms Lucinda Chan would also be open to any apologies from Mr Lee Yew Kheong for knowingly and resolutely stepping on her new shoes. Thank you for your cooperation.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Of Rainbows and ButterfLies


Haven't seen a full rainbow for many years now. It's rare, in this part of town.

Wonder if i can find my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Yet another example of Poor Etiquette

My father wanted me to book a room for him on the 8th of August in Hotel Mercure, Bali. It was really silly of him to pass me the information and asked me to email the Front Office Manager on the 6th. And do you know what that bloody lady in Front Office emailed me back?

Dear Lucinda,
Thank's for the e-mail,If possible next time would you please send me an e-mail not on sunday, andif it's saturday I leave the office at 3.00pm please send me before that.Thank's God that there is a room so your dad can get the room.

Please apologize for the inconvenience, and if you have to do so please sendus fax so the reservation staff can follow up properly.

Thank you and I hope to be your assistance some day if you visit Mercure.

Best regards,

Me, with my roaring temper on how badly I was treated as a customer to that bloody hotel replied:

Dear Alit,
Thank you for your clarifications upon that matter. My father, Mr.Edwin Chan only instructed me to email you on Sunday. Given that circumstance, it is impossible that I was able to email you any earlier. To ponder upon that subject, my father, Mr. Edwin Chan had also faxed your hotel prior to my email. This is just to have a form of back-up, in case the fax was not received. Therefore, I duly DO thank God that there are rooms for my father, given that situation.

I wish you the best of luck and health. And please, as a clear and gentle reminder, do not forget that your customers are your priority.

I will remember to come to Mercure Hotel, Bali if I ever get down there.

Thank you,
Lucinda Chan

In other words, i will NEVER go back there again. Or, if i have no other choice, will certainly NOT recommend any of of my friends to go to that hotel in the future. Btw, good england eh? Does she want me to apologize or is she apologizing to me? *ponders*

The idiocracy of men.


A married couple in their early 60s were out celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in a quiet, romantic little restaurant. Suddenly, a tiny yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table and said," For being such an exemplary married couple and for being faithful to each other for all this time, I will grant you each a wish. "

" Ooh, I want to travel around the world with my darling husband " said the wife.
The fairy moved her magic stick and - abracadabra! - two tickets for the new QM2 luxury liner appeared in her hands.

Now it was the husband's turn. He thought for a moment and said: " Well, this is all very romantic, but an opportunity like this only occurs once in a lifetime, so, I'm sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30 years younger than me. "

The wife and the fairy were deeply disappointed; but a wish is a wish. So the fairy made a circle with her magic stick and - abracadabra! - the husband became 94 years old !

Men are always ungrateful idiots .... and fairies are always female!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Are we living in the 21st century?

The problem: Why some people have naturally less etiquette than other people?

Etiquette - The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority.
- Rules governing socially acceptable behavior

Manners - The socially correct way of acting and behaving

From the definitions mentioned above, it is clear for any who actually reads this blog why etiquette and manners are important in the society that we live in today.

I mean, have you ever been in the situation where person A and/or B and/or C would just piss you off? Is the reason just because they don’t have the proper etiquette and manners in order to function in our society? For example; saying things that are rude or acting in such an offlandish behaviour that just turns you off. Then you turn around and ask “What is wrong with him/her?”

For many people this can happen in many ways:

Scenario 1: A casual friend you met while you were walking down a street that saw you, but even while you were waving like a mad person at him/her, that casual friend just walks right on.

Scenario 2: This aunty in the supermarket just pushes you hard and walks by without saying sorry.

Scenario 3: You and a close friend/girlfriend/boyfriend is celebrating your birthdays together because the dates are so close. You both are throwing a birthday party and cordially invited your close friend/girlfriend/boyfriend’s good friends along. Therefore, as a birthday gift, your close friend/girlfriend/boyfriend’s good friends decided to spend your close friend/girlfriend/boyfriend dinner. They decided it was okay for you to join them. But they ended up only paying for your close friend/girlfriend/boyfriend, even though it was the both of you who had invited these ‘good friends’ along to your official birthday celebration. Why had they not paid for you as well?

Scenario 4: A dinner gathering with another friend of yours. You are not cordially invited to this dinner among a circle of friends (but you still know them quite well), but since you were already supposed to have dinner with that friend of yours, he/she decides to invite you along. Only to have the circle of friends whom you are supposed to know quite well, tell your friend that you’re not invited.

Scenario 5: A driver cuts into your lane, nearly causing an accident and not waving his/her hand to apologize, even though you patiently waited for one.

Scenario 6: A good friend of yours, always makes you wait. Always. For one or even two hours. Even though you’ve made it very clearly to meet your group of friends at the venue at 8pm.

The list is endless. The reason is, why? Why does this happen in this very day, in the 21st century? Aren’t people already well versed in the ‘socially acceptable’ way to act, behave and even treat other people? Have they forgotten that even a small gesture of apology, acknowledgement or downright clear and decent manners really do brighten up a person’s day?

Is it because our society, although becoming more civic conscious has delved deeper into the mannerisms of the dark ages? Is it also, because they grew up in a family and circle of friends where they were taught to be brats and think their needs, their time and their wants are more important than other people's? Is it also because they did not observe on the proper way to act? But isn’t it obvious to notice the difference of being rude and having proper manners? Will it hurt, if they were to act more polite and with consideration of other people’s feelings to put their wants and needs second? Will they make it in the society in the future? Can the people around them tolerate such manner of behaviours for long?

I guess the answer remains with these people. In our society, even a indication of manners, or courtesy or even the simplest form of etiquette makes a world of difference to people around them. Just saying thank you, you’re welcome, I’m sorry, yes you’re invited too, don’t worry about it and no problem makes the person that is said to, so much happier. It doesn’t hurt to be nice once in a while. It doesn’t hurt to be kind and thoughtful, even considerate once in a while. I just hope that these ‘lost’ people find their way through life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

the Freedom... the Freedom

Now i get why you guys get alllllll so excited about when you finish your last paper. It's like, you'll never have to study again for the rest of your life! Ever!

*oklah, if i fail this paper and have to resit it, then i have to study again la*

But... think of the things that i could do now, that i was never able to do before:

- i can go out at night. Late.
- i can buy whatever things i wanna buy.
- i'm not a baby girl to my parents anymore *that's right* you can say that again.
- i can go bungee jumping!
- i can go holidaying. Bali. Hong Kong.
- i can play SIMS from morning till nite.
- i can read and read and read and read from nite to morning.
- i can sleep in the morning and wake up in the evening!

--ok. fine. the late nites one is quite lame. i can go out late now.
--i do buy whatever i wanna buy now too. hmm.
--i can dream on about the third one.
--fourth one as well. Kheong won't let me go and try to kill myself
--Now, the holidaying one. I don't get to do that often. woohooo
--The sims... Well, i've pretty much been doin that since. hehe. forever?
--yes. Now, this. Reading from nite till morning. i will buy more books! :D
-- yes yes yes. i do that even now. *snort*

NOW, i am goin to .... start playing Sims. Then i'm gonna watch Buffy at 5pm. Then i'm gonna read. Hua hua hua. Freedom is sweeeett

*happy sigh*

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tv shows

Exam tomorrow!!!

*Screams in agony*

I wake up as early as 10.20am… wash up, and then try to wake myself up by either watching tv or reading newspaper. I decided to watch the tv today.

The A-Team

Here, they were in trouble. Bad guys in four trucks were getting away to get more reinforcement (against 4 people?!) so the A team needed to make sure they don’t get very far. But, how?

Ta da!!

They found an abandoned helicopter, managed to wash it (no, seriously. They washed it) and fixed it in… 10 mins? And the bad guys still didn’t even reach their destination. Then the white haired guy found rockets!

White haired guy: Rockets!
Victim (a shrink they were supposed to save): But how do we launch it?
White haired guy: We’ll find a way!

And they spend a further 5 mins creating a rocket launcher to put on the helicopter with….



oh well, considering the bad guy had about.. 15-20 minutes head-start, they still managed to catch up with them! (Like, hello?!) The helicopter, I can understand. But the truck too? Wah. Think the white haired guy is Michael Schumacher-la.

Oh, and the bamboo rocket launcher works too.


Sunday, August 14, 2005

All in a day of a Gurl... (Photo Journal)

The longest post i have ever written. Enjoy! *grin*

It begins at 12.50pm... (Read: Pig, wakes up at 12pm)

What to wear, what to wear? *thinks hard*

My knight in Shining Toyota Altis

And then we were off to One Utama for Lunch with my parents.

SuperBowl: Best place for tau foo fah.

First pic of the day!

We managed to sneak in 10 mins to gulp down a bowl of tau foo fah before lunch! whooSh`!

Okra for Lunch. Recommended.

Mum and Dad. My mum is more than half a century old (55) and yet she looks like she's 40! *whistles*

My older brother. 'Nuff said.

Kheong n i. *buRp*

I'm sorry, owner of Dark Blue Suzuki Swift for showing your no. plate, but i'm too lazy to shade it off... and your car is so pretty!!!

And it was off for yamcha session no.1 with Kok. It was 4pm, by the time we reached Medan Selera Idaman in Mutiara Damansara.

The true son of Datuk Chuang; Mr. Chuang Kok wai. He has the potential to follow in his father's footsteps as the next Datuk. (hahahah)

Ciggies are bad for health. Or so i say.

Dunhill Red: The root of all evil

By 5pm, it was enough of yamcha and eating for a while.. So decided to drop back to Kheong's place and study for my exams.

i hate Finance. *sigh*

Nerd me, in glasses, trying to study.

Until... kheong shoves this rat pic under my nose. Look, ma! Rentokil ppl caught 400 of these HUGE Norway Rats in Kota Bharu!

And then we were off for dinner. Dammit. Have you realized by now that i don't do anything else but yamcha and eat on a weekend? Well, i can't take any pics in Green View, as it was dinner with Kheong's parents, and it'll be weird if i started taking pics of the waiters, the food, the signboard. Nope, bad idea. The sang har mien in Greenview is fantastic.

Then.... with nothing much to do, but hang around and lepak around after dinner... we decided, to go for the last yamcha session for the day. Any more, and i swear ( i don't usually swear) that i'll go crazy.

Kim Gary at 10.20pm

Bird. oOps. Sorry, i meant, Bert.

The men 'trying' to look like they're damn cool-la.

I was home by 11.11pm. And that, my dear friends, is a day in the life of a girl. *phew* It was actually quite fun, for a day, to just take pictures of everything! But just for a day.

*hums, whistles, hums*

i'm gonna take my hardy, dependable little Canon Ixus 4.0 out on a field trip tomorrow!

A day in the life of a girl.


Dear Lea

Yes, i have way too much time on my hands for my own good; that's why i'm dedicating an entire blog entry to you, gurl. Muahs!

Firstly, contrary to popular belief, women don't always buy new stuff to go clubbing with. Well, maybe compulsive shoppers do, but normal women don't. i, for one, don't buy new stuff to go clubbing with.. But everytime i do buy a new item of clothing, i will 'hoi cheong' it on a clubbing day! Well, it differs slightly than your opinion of buying a new item just for clubbing purposes, but most women (as i found out through numerous sessions of.. ah yes... erm, bitching episodes) simply love the idea of giving that shimmery new top or sexy new skirt a proper 'Opening Night' in order to give it a decent measure of respect.. you know, being a new item and all *tee hee*

I hope that answers your question, Lea. But, from a girl to another girl... Just go buy-lah! i fully and encouragingly support you in your mission of buying all the clothes in Sydney. Go girl!! *grin*

Secondly, welcome to the club girl! i honestly thought i was the only one who hallucinates conversations with my close buds, but yay! You too! :p Well, i guess the fact that the ones that we care about and are closest too are just so far away (and all means of communication seems a bit... too mafan), the only way for us to release our tensions and thoughts in our minds is to hold imaginary conversations in our head. I do it when i'm sad, happy, and/or saw something hilariously funny that only Lea, Kok, David and kheong would understand. See, it's not weird. It's a way for us to release our emotions in a more productive way. If we could, we'd see our friends during yamcha sessions and bitch or give them a call (maxis to maxis onli RM0.15 a min!) and bitch. But since circumstances aren't exactly what i'd call fantastic, that'll do.

Yes, i admit that i do miss a few friends' company once in a while. While i can continue to say (lie) to myself that all my good friends are overseas.. there really aren't anymore, besides dear Lea, Jason and blur David. It's sad, really, when other people think about it. ANd well, honestly, it isn't really so sad to me. Unlike many of my friends out there who can handle good (and some, great) friendships with many people, i just can't. Hmm. I don't like having too many friends. I don't want to be surrounded by hoards of people who claim to be my friend. Come on, how many of these conversations have u had?:

You: Hey, hi!
ho-hum Friend: Hey... hi there.
You: How've you been?
ho-hum Friend: Great, i've been great.. And you?
You: Oh, i'm doing good.
ho-hum Friend: That's nice to hear. So what are you doing now? Still studying? Working? Which company?
You: Oh, in this shit-nonsense-lousy-small-pathetic company, working as a slave-cum-office-tea-lady.
ho-hum Friend: That's nice. OH, i'm working in a multinational-state-of-the-art-company in KL as a 'super-hot-shot-consultant-cum-analyst'.
You: Oh, wow.
ho-hum Friend: Yup (nods head)


You: SO... you still with that-lousy-boyfriend of yours?
ho-hum Friend: Oh. Him. Dumped him. With this rich-handsome-gorgeous-sexy-executive now
You: *thinks: yau mou* (smiles)


Well, silence,cause i guess there's nothing much more to talk since you see each other only, let's say, once in 5 years?

So, in respect to that.. i've subconsciously decided about quite a while ago that there really isn't much point for me, being as orderly as i am to keep such ho-hum friendships and only keep the great ones.

This post is dedicated to the friends i miss most:
Lea (miss you most darlz),
David Eu (for the intellectual and occasional lame conversations),
Jason Aaron (for the most gorgeous eyes ever and the fact that he's a sweetie),
Alvin Lee (because he's so damn nice! Always calls me out for lunches without making appointments, knows he won't be able to get hold of me, but still calls anyway),
and the whole DJ gang (for all the hours of cock talking during yamcha sessions).

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Inefficient, Ineffective and Irresponsible

Three words that describe those that work in the mykad department. It's funny, really, when u think about it. Kheong, his mum and i went to the Mykad centre in Kota Damansara to do our MyKad about... two months ago. So, if we went together, and if he did his MyKad just right before me, doesn't that imply that our MyKad should be out together or vice versa?

They told us to come back in two months. Kheong checked the website, and his MyKad is ready for collection. My fault really, when i assumed mine will be ready too since i was just after him. Drove all the way in the f**king weather, haze and everything to Kota f**king Damansara at 8 in the f**king morning. Presented myself to the counter, only ONE person manning four counters, mind you. Waited for 5 mins or so. Lady didn't even make the effort to 'layan' me. So i plopped myself on the seat in front of her (after i got fed up of waiting), and mentioned the purpose of my 'visit'.

Lady in tudung: Hmm.
Me: What?
Lady in tudung: Not ready la.
Me: *wtf look*
Lady in tudung: Come back in two weeks. Haven't send to this cawangan yet.
Me: *wtf look again* But you told me to come back in two months. And it HAS been two months.
Lady in tudung: It needs to be sent here first.
Me: (thinking: it takes TWO (2) bloody f**king weeks to send a bLoody i.c.? WHat? You use the lembu cart or something to send here wan ah?) *Gives a murderous look* Okay.

There wasn't anything more to say! Like, how come kheong's MyKad is 'sedia diambil' and mine is 'belum dihantar ke cawangan'? Is there like some super bias system where they penalize super racist people like me?

I can't even go there on a saturday to collect it anymore.. and neither can all the other thousands of MyKad hopefuls waiting out there who work on weekdays! Why?!? Because they work like crazy on weekdays. They need their weekends off *nods head* Give them weekends off, they'll soon be demanding for weekdays off too. Just, wait.





However, on a lighter note.. Read thru some lil girls' (under the age of 20) blogs today. Wow. I mean, i remember when we used to be like that. Confused, with so much emotions running through our mind and heart... Just searching for our true selves, really. Those few years during adolescence (13-20) were the most interesting, fun, irresponsible (yes, we were still young then) and fantastic years of our lives. We were carefree, doing nothing, just studying, without a thought of our future. Yes, we pondered upon that thought once in a while and even had dreams... but the idea of being fully matured, independent and responsible hadn't sunk in yet.

Now, the idea has already sunk in. What am i going to do when i graduate? What line do i want to enter? What do i want to make of my life? How am i going to go about fulfilling it? The dreams that we used to have when we were younger and deciding upon our life's journey seems so far away. Those dreams are beyond our reach now, as we begin to take the steps on this journey to adulthood.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


From The Sun yesterday:

"The haze situation will not worsen, etc etc"

Newsflash people! It just did.

Do what YOU want.

I’ve always believed that when I do something, I really gotta want to do it. Don’t do it half-heartedly.

In my life, there had been many instances where I was ‘obliged’ to do stuff… like work in Maersk, for example. I never wanted to do it. I never thought I had the capacity to work and study at the same time. I never wanted to work so quickly. I never really did like this company, anyway, multinational or not. In the end, I didn’t want to sign that bloody contract. It took all the strength in me to put my hand down and sign it.. But I absolutely regretted it. It took me two days, two full bloody days for me to quit. Two. It could have only taken me half a day to quit if I haven't tried to make it work. It didn't work out in the end, anyway. It made me so unhappy, that I can’t even get myself up to go to work for that two mornings.

What I am trying to say here is this… In life, there will be many situations whereby you will be forced or obliged to do things. Either for yourself, or other people. Don’t. The moral of the story is; if you wanna do something, do it from your heart. Don’t do it because you want to oblige me or your family or your friends to makes us happy; cause in the end, you’re the one who’s gonna suffer. Learn to say no. Learn to do things for yourself, not for other people. Be selfish. Don’t care what other people think about you. Don’t care what I think of you.

Do it from your heart.

The rest will follow.

I am pretty sure that we can find a way around things. Trust me.

The bloody weather

Gawd... what is wrong with the weather? i can't see anything, from the 19th floor of my house. wtf? I normally can see all the way till bloody genting, or even see the twin towers and kl tower from my window. But now, i can't even see Sony.

The weather is hot and sticky back in Malaysia. Makes me contemplate to live in aussie or something. At least they have clear skies there! Here's a pic of the kl haze situation:

Taken from an excerpt from The Star Online:
“I am sorry” – these are the words of Indonesia’s Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar over the haze situation that has enveloped parts of Malaysia. "The haze has become more acute for our neighbours in Malaysia and we are truly sorry for this. If plantation owners are found to have started these fires, we will prosecute them, as we have in the past."

Uhuh. O-kay. That's the problems with the people over there. They say sorry, they say that action will be taken, and that the plantation owners who have set fires illegally in Indo might be sentenced to a death penalty. Or so they said last year. Now? According to Minister Rachmat Witoelar... “No, as that interim law has yet to be passed.” This is a sign that things just don't get done. Yes, you're sorry. Yes, you might pass the law. Yes, you might prosecute them.

While we suffer.

Here's till the next time this happens. Which is, of course, inevitable.

What type are you?

Thanks to dear David Eu who is currently in Sydney finishing his last semester, whilst bumming around and completing various questionnaires, i was able to obtain this. The HumanMetrics test based on Keirsey's Temperament Sorter II.

Results: i'm a INTJ... or a... Mastermind Rational. hehe. Wassat?

The Portrait of the Mastermind Rational

Of the four aspects of strategic analysis and definition, it is the contingency planning or entailment organizing role that reaches the highest development in Masterminds. Entailing or contingency planning is not an informative activity, rather it is a directive one in which the planner tells others what to do and in what order to do it. As the organizing capabilities the Masterminds increase so does their inclination to take charge of whatever is going on.

It is in their abilities that Masterminds differ from the other Rationals, while in most of their attitudes they are just like the others. However there is one attitude that sets them apart from other Rationals: they tend to be much more self-confident than the rest, having, for obscure reasons, developed a very strong will. They are rather rare, comprising no more than, say, one percent of the population. Being very judicious, decisions come naturally to them; indeed, they can hardly rest until they have things settled, decided, and set. They are the people who are able to formulate coherent and comprehensive contingency plans, hence contingency organizers or "entailers."

Masterminds will adopt ideas only if they are useful, which is to say if they work efficiently toward accomplishing the Mastermind's well-defined goals. Natural leaders, Masterminds are not at all eager to take command of projects or groups, preferring to stay in the background until others demonstrate their inability to lead. Once in charge, however, Masterminds are the supreme pragmatists, seeing reality as a crucible for refining their strategies for goal-directed action. In a sense, Masterminds approach reality as they would a giant chess board, always seeking strategies that have a high payoff, and always devising contingency plans in case of error or adversity. To the Mastermind, organizational structure and operational procedures are never arbitrary, never set in concrete, but are quite malleable and can be changed, improved, streamlined. In their drive for efficient action, Masterminds are the most open-minded of all the types. No idea is too far-fetched to be entertained-if it is useful. Masterminds are natural brainstormers, always open to new concepts and, in fact, aggressively seeking them. They are also alert to the consequences of applying new ideas or positions. Theories which cannot be made to work are quickly discarded by the Masterminds. On the other hand, Masterminds can be quite ruthless in implementing effective ideas, seldom counting personal cost in terms of time and energy.

Go do! http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp

It's about 80% accurate for me. Not completely true, but still an interesting read.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy Anniversary babe

Another milestone to add to our journey. We've been through rough times, had smooth-sailing moments and weathered tears and heartache. I've made mistakes, and so have you. i believe that together we will learn more to forgive and forget, and learn that nothing is perfect (ok fine, that msg is for me).

Life is funny sometimes. i've realised over the years.

i realised i could never be as romantic as you, and shower you with surpises.
i realised that i could never have such patience and understanding that you have given me.
i realised that i have many faults and misgivings with you.
i realised that i have not invested as much love and time and tears in you, as you have in me.
i realised that no matter what happens, you will always be there for me.
i realised that in the end, i'll be here too.

i could never understand what you saw in me.
nor the beauty that you see within me, when what i could see are only scars.
i could never comprehend what made you love me so much.
nor the sacrifices you have made for me.

But i do understand that we are together.
At this moment.
And i will cherish this. As i cherish you.

You have made me the person i am today.
And i love you even more for being just who you are.

Happy Anniversary baby.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

my babies...

My first baby...

My second brand-new baby!

Yes yes! She's totally brand-new! :) i haven't thought of a name to christen her with yet. Hmm. How about... Red baby?!? *nyek nyek* so original.